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Shree Shakti Project

Women has immense power within,yet she is suffering in many ways. rural woman suffer's due to lack of education and exposure of world but there are urban woman also suffer's being house wife in city or as working in office being paid with high salary. Do you think that women who having education and job with good salary does not have any suffering ?


Suffering can be financial, lack of education, relationship suffering or health related suffering, also other INNER SUFFERINGS she has to face multiple situations together and face many challenges in life and many times in life she feel's lonely and need's support and guidance.


We at STREE SHAKTI project want to help woman where she get's in touch with her INNER SHAKTI that is STREE SHAKTI. and with this project we help her to end her suffering in holistic way which also help in uplifting her "atman vishwass" , love and respect for her OWN SELF.


World nee'd MORE Peaceful WOMAN ahead to handle world in better way.

"Woman is creator"

Nindra Kendra Project


Nindra means sleep and Kendra is meaning center. The time and space where you touch the center of your sleep that is sound sleep.  The centeredness of sleep is important. In this era where sleep is distorted due to the fast life style. Nindra Kendra is the vital need to revamp the need of sound sleep.

Importance of Nindra Kendra:

  • Nindra kendra recharges entire body and mind

  • Nindra kendra helps in healing any physical, mental and emotional disease

  • Nindra kendra improves the quality of meditation

  • Nindra kendra gives vital energy to Self

  • Nindra kendra releases stress


Due to Our Various research we saw that people are highly stresses and they are not sleeping properly and they are not breathing properly. both need'd correction. If we do not correct these two in people's life than it is difficult to take them for mediation as it is observed by us that they fall a sleep when they sit for meditation.

so to be able to guide a person for meditation, first we have to help them to improve their sleep .


In 2013-2014 , we have done experimental project of Nindra kendra in our Mumbai ,andheri,ashram which was successful and gave good results . there after improved

sleep people were able to do mediation and meditation helped them in healing

many areas of their life.


We have also documented information about nindra kendra with us of this experimental project. So we can have future full - fledge big project for people.

Wisdom World Wide (W3)

This is the project where we need to educate people with WISDOM which Sri Maa is sharing and this knowledge is only way to bring great change at world level.


For this project Sri Maa personally need's to travel many countries and give personal healing ,compassionate energy to wounded heart and heal them.


"Boundaries are created yet we are ONE , When there is ONENESS there is Healing and peace." - Sri Maa

Space Meditation Project

"Space is a Path."


Space is a Path, which takes the whole humanity into a new space, where the only 'feel' will exist. That means there will not be any creed, caste etc, which are mind made boundaries. Mind made boundaries will be destroyed, dissolved in Space.

"Meditation is the journey of our consciousness towards the Self."


Space Mediation project is to create HUGE PYRAMID SPACE MEDITATION centre so 10000 people together can come and meditate inside pyramid and have cosmic energy and heal them selves.

Our Prithvi Project


This is the project which includes all environmental care. Our Mother earth need's care and nourishment from us. So having awareness campaigns and neccariy work like waste mamagments,promoting use of cloth rather plastic,go green , plantation of trees , many other programs is falling under this project for "Our prithavi"

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