Thumb rules for healing any illness or disease

October 3, 2017

Any illness physical, mental, emotional can be healed completely if you want to get healed. There is no illness which can't be healed because health is the natural state of your being. Healing happens when inconveniences get converted into conveniences. It is a thumb rule for healing any illness.


In today’s times most of us are facing stress, tension, fears, phobias and diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, allergy, asthma, headache and many other diseases. Everyone wants to know the different ways of healing diseases. But can this be achieved? Yes, it can be achieved.


Our mind is a miraculous tool. For healing we need to understand disease at Mind, Body and Soul (Self) level as all the diseases are psychosomatic. Psycho means mind and somatic means body. And we must understand that any disturbance in the mind causes disturbance in the body. So you have to understand the mind in order to heal illnesses.


Things you need to know for healing any illness:

  • Stop talking about your illness strictly. As you talk about your illness you are giving more energy to your illness thereby multiplying your illness.

  • Don’t discuss about your illness with friends or relatives as whenever you do that you are stopping yourself from becoming healthy.

  • Stop thinking about your illness.

  • Think, talk, and pretend that you are healthy.

  • Relaxation is the first step in any healing process kindly refer to our article called Meditation: Relaxation is the first step 

  • Be comfortable on your bed, sleep well, take rest as much as you can and feel convenience, comfortable (good) about your own self and life in general. As you lie down in your bed breathe in and breathe out slowly and feel relaxed even more.

  • It is possible that you don’t know how to heal yourself but your body cells know exactly how to get healed and get in balance. Your job is to be relaxed, get comfortable as much as you can in your bed or wherever you are. The more you are relaxed you are helping yourself and you are moving towards healing. No matter the illness is, you don’t need to undertake any tests, you don't need any reports to get healed as it doesn't make any difference because being healthy is a natural state of yours. The only condition is to allow yourself to be healthy by just being relaxed, comfortable wherever you may be.

  • Changing all your inconveniences into conveniences will help you to heal your illness or disease.


Before visiting a doctor, sit in silence and ask yourself what is it that you need to know. What is your illness trying to teach you? Any kind of illness comes for your growth,that is it is a process of converting your inconveniences into conveniences which means changing your feelings. Experience of illness should be perceived as growth because when you change your inconveniences into conveniences you are dissolving your fears. When you dissolve your fears growth happens. You become courageous. So illnesses are for growth. When you don't realize your inconveniences, inconvenient feelings (fears) show up on your body in the form of disease.


Our body is constantly talking to us. We just need to listen to it. Whenever anyone is not well, he/she says, “I am not well”. Now when you say I am not well it means it is me (me is not the body but it is soul - self who expresses through mind with the tool called feelings - feeling inconvenience) who is not well , which results in showing up on your body in the form of illness.


Whenever your feelings or moods are disturbed or feeling inconvenience for any reason, you tend to show up disease or illness in your body. Whenever you don't feel well you tend to get sick.


Check out whenever you are sick that means you were not feeling well i.e. feeling inconvenience few minutes or hours or days or a weeks or months before you fell ill. Depending upon the intensity of your painful feelings, painful disease or illness will occur in your body. Feeling inconvenience in any ways results into illness.


One of the way to help yourself is to change your feelings i.e. feeling convenience is by changing your thoughts, words and images in your mind. Our mind has its own language. Our mind can understand through power of words and images. So you need to speak health, think health, feel health, through affirmations. Affirmations are positive therapeutic commandments (PTC) to programme your mind.  Kindly refer to our Self Healing Guide and learn how to use PTC.


PTCs to remove your illness:

  • I am healthy

  • I have very high energy level.

  • I realize the need of this condition (illness)

  • I am at peace

  • I forgive everyone.


Meditation should be done for 30-40 mins morning/evening. By practicing meditation everyday you are actually increasing life force energy thereby healing your illness. Research has proved how meditation is beneficial in lowering down your blood pressure, stress, tension and any other illness. You may visit following websites for more research on meditation:

  • TM

  • Spiritual Reality


Meditation for beginners (After few days of practicing the below given meditation start practicing from How to do meditation)


Switch off your mobile, door bell, lights before starting meditation.

1. Sit comfortably (if you are not able to sit you can practice by lying down also), loosen your body, with complete back rest, not at all an erect spine. Close your eyes, clasp your fingers, put it on your lap or as you feel comfortable. Chant the word “shanti/peace/relax” to yourself in your mind.

2. Count 20-1 backwards very slowly in your mind Now focus on your breath, let the thoughts come and go.

3. Don’t try to push thoughts away (many people do that, don’t do that) Let it come and go, you come back to breath.

4. Sit for 30-40 mins, then slowly open your eyes.


Important note: Follow the above steps faithfully, and say in your mind, “I am taking responsibility of my health, I am going to heal myself with the power of my faith”.


Say this 10 times in your mind and see how your life will start changing miraculously.

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Any illness physical, mental, emotional can be healed completely if you want to get healed. There is no illness which can't be healed because health i...

Thumb rules for healing any illness or disease

October 3, 2017

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