When learning stops!?

September 15, 2013

When learning stops!?

When learning stops all the necessary transformations for/by/of oneself stop. When the necessary transformation stop, then one leads a monotonous life.  With this monotony and monotonous routine one gets into a narrow perception about life that life is nothing but only suffering and one experiences only suffering through life and throughout life. When the  learning  stops life becomes a struggle and full of hardships. When learning stops, life  becomes  stereotyped.


In this situation one has two choices:

1. Continue the suffering journey and

2. Transform oneself.

If choice 1 is what one has selected then don’t read further. If choice 2 is ones decision then not only read what is written further but also mediate on what is written. Read and meditate the following words everyday till one does not  see any transformation in one’s life.


Learning stops when one feels offended for/by/of any person or situation.


By feeling offended one blocks ones heart. When one blocks ones heart, one blocks the life connection with the other and when such life connection is blocked learning stops.


Learning stops when ego over powers oneself. When ego overpowers then the following will happen:


-       One will point fingers to others and start blaming or complaining or criticizing.

-       One will never be able to find one’s own mistake as ego makes a  person      stubborn.

-       One will never bring any change in oneself and will continue suffering.

To transform oneself  follow the given steps to open your learning channels and you will see that new learning horizons will open up for you.


Steps to open your learning channels


  1. Check every night before sleep how many times you felt offended in the entire day and the following steps will open your learning channels again.


  1. Discover what is your mistake in the whole day that you received such offensive situation? So find your mistake first.

  2. Ask for forgiveness from the one with whom you have felt offended by discovering your own mistake. Introspect to find out as to why  the other           person  offended you… what mistake you could have done which is why the  other person created such an offensive situation for you. Then forgive that person including  yourself.

  3. From whatever mistake you could have made, try and find out what is the learning for you in it. Then implement the changes you can bring in yourself so that you don’t repeat the same mistake again?


Life when perceived as a learning journey becomes wonderful. Learning from the mistakes, unlearning the mistakes and relearning wisdom are fundamentals of life. Learning through life and throughout life is the mantra for next millennium to lead a healthy, loving, peaceful and blissful life.

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