Project Wellbeing

In collaboration with Team Yaha Life



To give a helping hand to people across the world using Absolute Healing as a supplementary tool for medical intervention.



2011 Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust  (SRACT) was founded and healing processes where offered on pay as you wish model so that even anyone with or without financial support can also receive benefits of Absolute healing processes. 


From 2011 to 2016 around many peoples lives were touched who were going through some or the other physical, mental or emotional health issues. This brought a clear understanding that to support humanity we have to come up with some practical tools that can work as basic support.  Hence the conception of Project Wellbeing initiated. 


An interesting synchronicity on Wellbeing happened 2017 with Team Yaha Life (Puducherry, India). With rich experience healing experiences SRACT’s volunteers joined hands with Team Yaha Life with creative experience in conceptualising and digitalisation of any process into an experiential interphase using technology. Hence Team Yaha Life began to conceptualise and organise content shared by SRACT team. The result was creation of a webapp called Wellbeing Vitamins - Activities for Feel Good. 

Project Team

  • Content - Team SRACT

  • Content Approval - Team SRACT 

  • Conceptualisation - Team Yaha Life

  • Digitalisation - Team Yaha Life

  • Digital Implementation - Team Yaha Life

  • In-Patients hand-holding training - Team SRACT and Team Yaha Life

  • In-Patients Technical support - Team Yaha Life

  • Out-Patients hand-holding system - Team SRACT and Team Yaha Life

  • Out-Patients Technical support - Team Yaha Life

Project Implementation

Phase I

Wellbeing Vitamins Webapp Presentation to Hospitals - Team Yaha Life


Phase II

Receiving Hospital Permissions - Team Yaha Life

Phase III

Training Hospital Team for Webapp - Team Sract + Team Yaha Life

In-Patient training - Team Sract + Yaha Life

Phase IV

Out-Patient Support - Team Yaha Life under guidance of Team Sract

Project Current Requirements





  • Transcriptions/Translation of Content with Team SRACT

  • Interviewing patients and doctors across India with Team SRACT 

  • Documentation (audio, video, writing) with Team SRACT

  • Research papers and articles collection with Team SRACT

  • Coordinating with Team Yaha Life for content submissions and proofreading

  • Supporting Team Yaha Life in understanding Absolute Healing content and its implementation in Wellbeing Vitamins WebApp

  • Multitasking if required


Coordination Locations

Mumbai and Pondicherry


Research Locations

PAN India 



  • Transcription/Translation

  • Coordination

  • Film making

  • Documentation

  • Communication


Support System

  • Travelling reimbursement (if required)

  • Lodging boarding during travelling (if required)

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