Talk by ‘SRI MAA’


 Higher Dimensional Eye Towards Life

About The Speaker

The speaker; Sri Maa is a Loving Energy. Her existence speaks everything about her, words will never suffice to write anything about her. Rather than knowing about her, the real magic in your life begins when you start loving her. Her magnetic energies and aura create an atmosphere to receive love and wisdom that perennially flows through her.

About Talk

Holistic living is to live totally, thereby attaining healthy body, sound mind, happy relationships and blissful prosperity.  You can help yourself to live a happy, peaceful, meaningful and a fulfilling life by developing a Higher Dimensional Eye towards life.


When you are in any situation, it is of utmost important of what and how you feel for that situation. Being limited in your understanding towards life or towards any situation will create only suffering which results into health issues. Sri Maa’s talk will enable you to get deep wisdom and help you to look at life with multiple dimensions.

Time Duration

Need a minimum of 2 hours that includes activities and tools. Ideally not to be held soon after meals.

  • A serene and a calm atmosphere along with good sitting arrangements to enable the employees/clients/staff/ team members to receive the talk without any distractions.

  • We advise mobiles to be either kept away or to be in a silent mode for better receptivity.

  • Comfortable seating arrangements for the speaker as well as the listener.

  • A good audio system that includes one hand held mike and the other with a stand.

  • A projector and a white board with red, blue, green and black markers.

  • No Tea/Coffee to be served in the midst of Talk.

Inspiration from the Source

Motivation comes from books, seminars and active social media. This is no secret since everyone is exposed to beautifully written quotes and words of wisdom. Why is it that people don’t bring the desired change they are looking for? Reading from books, reading on social media can bring momentary motivation but not transformation in your life. This momentary motivation is short-lived and you will be in the same cyclone of your repeated pattern of suffering cycle.


Taking wisdom from a live master is different from reading books. This cannot be explained in words but one can ONLY experience it. It is same when said  ”Talking about love is different from being in love”. A Live Master’s presence and blessings create a miraculous shift in your life when you are open to receive it humbly.

When your approach and attitude towards self is genuine, honest and sincere, transformation comes. For that one needs to break free all the belief systems of society, religion, culture and finance which are just mind created boundaries by developing a higher dimensional eye towards life. This can release the unwanted stress thereby bringing happiness, health and joy in life.

List of topics for Motivational Talk
  • Healthy Living

  • Stress Management

  • Optimizing work performance

  • Increasing work productivity

  • Enhancing leadership qualities

  • Switching from competition to cooperation

  • Understanding art of parenting

  • Empowering woman

  • Transforming fears into love

  • 3 R’s – Rejuvenate, Recharge and Realize

  • Confidence building

  • Converting Inconvenience to Convenience - Key visionary topic

  • Moving towards unlimitedness

  • “Its Okay” – Key to happiness

  • Freedom – way of life

  • Many more; not listed

Feedback of Motivational Talk
  • I have realised from Sri Maa’s Talk that folding arms is an obstruction to understanding, receiving, accepting people and life situations. Apart from that I learnt that creativity blossoms in silence.


            - Shriram G Bhalerao, MD, Lab India Instruments Pvt. Ltd.


  • Sri Maa's talk has been very inspiring to me primarily because she spoke in a manner we can relate to in our daily life. She also has given us practical and handy tools that can be used and practiced anytime anywhere to help us lead stress free life.


 - Shailesh C Shah, Chairman Library Sub-comm. , Juhu Gymkhana


  • The talk was very informative and highly enlightening. The GLT members were overwhelmed by your experience and the examples shared by you. They have been immensely benefited by your knowledge’


                             -Lion Pramod Palekar- Sumances Consultrainer (Chairperson-GLT Lions Club Dist3231 A3)


  • There was  no teachings from religious scriptures but was a simple and  practical way of putting wisdom across.

                                                                       -Sai Chander Iyer- Group CHRO and President-HR, Kanakia spaces


  • It was very uplifting. I actually put the teachings into practice and saw the results. 

                                                                                                                 -Sunil Ranka - Deputy CFO - Kanakia spaces


  • Very helpful. It brightened up my spirits and felt courage.

                                                                                                                                         - Seema seth, Kanakia Spaces


  • It was again refreshing to learn once again from Sri Maa what approach one should have in life.


                                                                                            -Anju Mangle Fozdar,  Senior Manager,  Kanakia spaces

  • Alleviate stress.

  • Inculcating a Higher dimensional eye.

  • Living life with sound mind and healthy body.

  • Being happy, healthy and joyful in all given situations.

  • Many more, can’t be listed over here, rather one needs to experience it.

Names of few leading organizations where talks have been offered:
  • Essai pharmaceuticals

  • Soham real estate

  • Kanakia Spaces

  • Lab India Instruments pvt Limited

  • Juhu Gymkhana

  • Khar Gymkhana

  • Lions club at Malad

  • Police stations at Kharghar, Panvel and new Panvel

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