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Heal India Heal

Heal India Heal is an ambitious undertaking by Sri Rupaji Charitable Trust with a singular mission to help people achieve well-being through drugless therapies and meditation. The nation-wide project HIH is committed towards educating people of the body-mind relation and train to identify the root cause of physical, mental or emotional distress.

Starting with Maharashtra the Heal India Heal team aims to reach every state of India, by spreading the message of Healthy Living by adopting simple, yet effective mind healing techniques of meditation and reducing over-dependency on drugs.

This Project has two sections :-

  1. We are creating Awareness thorough campaign - HIH

  2. We are Healing people through our drugless therapies.

In this project we are creating awareness through programs and' we are doing various programs like swarodaya satr, absolute healing , aha yoga, aha 1-2 , silence programs, we are healing people.


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To know more about the Heal India Heal as a volunteer or sponsor, please email us at for a detailed campaign brochure and participation guidelines.

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Project Ekatva stems from Sri Maa's Core where she feeling compassion for every one. and there fore she feel's need of sharing basic need's of human to people they geninunely need it food, cloths, basic resources of life. Sract is operating on oneness and sharing. Project Ekatva is sharing oneness with needy people.


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This project is a pilot project to support village children and youth in developing practical life skills that are essential to lead a healthy, loving, peaceful and blissful life. The project is currently running in a remote village called Alankuppam, Near Auroville, Pondicherry. Children and youth from nearby villages are part of this project. The project is running since July 2016.


Swalearn is space for self-learning where we appreciate our natural ways of learning. Here learning is shared with everyone and we built more trust in our own self so that whatever we want to learn we can learn no matter what is the subject. We can design our own learning process and create our own system of learning so that we can learn in our own time and pace. Read more

Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust has been enthusiastically working, along with a dedicated team of people with voluntary spirit message of living healthy, loving, peaceful and blissful life. Read more....

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