Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust operates only through contributions shared by individuals and companies. All our programs, workshops, camps, individual healing sessions, discourses are completely without fees.

We believe that knowledge is for sharing and therefore there are no fees for any of our activities. Also our audios and videos are completely without price tag as whatever is being shared through such audio-video form is priceless. Therefore we ask people to share and contribute from their heart without applying any logical mind.

Anything that is shared from heart is priceless.


Who can contribute?


Companies & organizations aiming to participate in CSR activities or contribute to society will find numerous opportunities at Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust to fulfill them.


Person who have experienced the divine joy, personal healing, consciousness expansion are invited to lend their support to the Trust and its activities by contributing from their feel of heart.

Small Businesses:

Businesses regardless of size can benefit from the numerous initiatives undertaken by Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust as part of work and life enrichment programs. Contributing towards these initiatives are a great way to give back to employees and their families as well as society as a whole.


In-kind Contributions are accepted 

Contribution to the Trust can be in different forms as per the wishes of the contributor.

  •  Contributing food materials for various training programs, camps, workshops and   celebrations

  •  Contributing land for creating Anant Ashram

  •  Contributing money energy for building corpus of the trust and construction of the   Anant Ashram

  •  Contributing monthly expenses of the trust

  •  Contributing various resources such as car, laptop, computer, printer, camera,   camera equipments, infrastructural donations, office supplies, books, dvds etc. 



  •  Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

  •  Helping and Supporting those in need

  •  Tax Exemptions under Section 80G

Trust Details

  •  Reg. No. E-28040 Mumbai

  •  PANCARD number: AAKTS6286L

  •  12-A Registeration No : TR / 44736 DATED 09.01.2012

  •  80- G  Registeration No : DIT (E) /MC/80G/470/2011-12
     Exemption period from 19.01.2012 onwards

  • FCRA Registration No : 083781479

Current Needs

Corpus Fund

To create a sustainable support system for long term projects.

Cheque payable to :

"Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust"

How to Donate?

  • Direct Bank Transfer Details:
    Provide your ID and Contact us.

  • Email us your Full Name, Full Address with Pincode, Pancard Number and Phone number at once you transfer amount.

  • For HIH / Ekatva Projects: Contact us for bank details

  • For Cash, provide your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, PAN Card number.

  • We accept foreign currency donations under the FCRA regulations. Contact us for details. 

  • Online Donation (Coming soon)

Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust has been enthusiastically working, along with a dedicated team of people with voluntary spirit message of living healthy, loving, peaceful and blissful life. Read more....

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